Disaster Recovery (DR) encompasses the procedures, policies or processes that prepare an organization’s vital IT infrastructure to effectively recover from natural or human-induced disasters, and ensure business continuity.

From cyber-attacks and equipment failure, through hurricanes or other natural disasters – DR needs to cover any possible scenario that threatens the availability of IT infrastructure. In recent years, Disaster Recovery has assumed an increasingly predominant role in enterprise computing budgets, often accounting for 20-25% of IT computing expenses.

More specifically, a DRP needs to anticipate and delineate a plan of action in response to the loss of such mission-critical IT components and services as:

  • Complete computer room environments
  • Critical IT hardware including network infrastructure, servers, desktop or laptop computers, wireless devices, and peripherals
  • Service provider connectivity
  • Enterprise software applications
  • Data storage devices or applications

Mobileagile has a broad offering to achieve your business continuity goals including:

  • Asynchronous and Continuous Data Protection and replication solutions.
  • High availability and Fault Tolerant IT Solutions
  • Application Load Balancing and Network Load Balancing Solutions
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Solutions
  • Resilient Directory Services Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning based on ISO 22301
  • Business Continuity Planning based on ISO 22301
  • Business Impact Analysis based on ISO 22301