We work together with our NOC/SOC team to deliver remote problems solving related to the functionality of your data center on cloud or on premises; networking, computing & storage infrastructure or security equipment.

Our support technicians will connect directly to your system through a secure connection in order to Accelerate problem solving.

• We include case management to help track the solution and escalation of qualified Incidents through our automated Service Desk.
• For proper attention and dispatch IN SITU services, incidents are classified based on their severity.
• We provide Immediate support through remote support sessions by phone/ Internet/ Chat or Videoconference.
• We include a rapid support intervention through our escalation manager.
• If required, an engineer IN SITU can be dispatched to assist you.
• We have third party solutions and manufacturer collaboration for quick problem solving.
• We work together with OEM manufacturers tor provide in advance unit replacements when needed.